Chasing Dreams

If you know me, then you know that for a long time, I’ve wanted to take a leap of faith and move out of the state. It’s not that I hate Michigan – I love this state with all my heart. We have some of the most scenic views, all 4 seasons, and one of the most resilient cities ever (shout-out Detroit Rock City).

As much as I love this state, though, I’ve never *quite* felt like I fit in. I have some amazing friends and the greatest family ever, but there’s just always been something that didn’t feel right.

Last October, I finally took my dream trip to Nashville, Tennessee. I have been wanting to go there since I was 19 and looking to transfer to Belmont University for a Music Business degree. Although it didn’t happen then, I was determined to make it happen now. I ended up going down with my best friends, and I don’t think I shut up about it for about 3 months prior. As soon as the plane landed and we started exploring the city, I had the weirdest feeling ever – it was like every place we went, I was meant to be there. I had never felt like I fit in as much as I did there. I was confident; I was happy; I was making friends with every person I came across. It was such an adrenaline rush, and I have not felt that way since.

Well, that was it for me. Since November, I have been figuring out just how to make that dream happen. I’m excited/nervous/anxious to say, I’ve officially made the leap.

I’m moving to Nashville, Tennessee!

Not this second, but by May. I have applied for (and got) an apartment in West Nashville with a roommate who’s actually from the same area as me in Michigan! The complex is brand new, so construction won’t be done until mid-April. I don’t have a job yet, but I have a lot of people down there who are willing to help me get one, and I have the weirdest confidence that I can’t even explain. I just think that the way everything has been falling into place, a job will come in due time. (And yes, I do know I’m crazy, I’ve been told a few times haha)

I have so many friends who are getting engaged and getting married and getting pregnant, and I am ECSTATIC for them. The only thing, though, is that that path never felt quite right to me. For now, the thing that I can control most is what I do and how happy I am on my own. I know that I will miss my friends and family SO much, but I also know that this is going to be the adventure of a lifetime. It’s what I’ve talked about for 7 years, so I think it’s about damn time I made it happen.

A really big thank you to my parents/siblings – I know it’s not easy to let me leave, but I promise to be back very often! And any time you wanna escape the colder weather, feel free to come on down. 😉 (and that goes to everyone – I want all the friends visiting!)

Cheers to new adventures and no solid plans! Woo!

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